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Wedding cruises

Romantic wedding cruising feels perfect. Celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings and other parties with Jokitaxi. 

Cathedral, Martin Church and Kakskerrankirkko

There are romantic churches and party places in Turku and the nearby archipelago, which can be easily reached by Jokitax. Ruissalo, Hirvensalo and Kakskerta, Kaarina and Parainen. Inquire about the possibilities to make the party of your life memorable.


Jokitaxi is anchored at the historical Ruissalon Telakka shipyard. You can board the taxi boat on Aurajoki where ever you safely can. Our most popular boarding spots on Aurajoki are the Vierasvenesatama pier (Nooa), Hotel Marina Palace pier and Tuomiokirkonpuisto parks’s shore. We can pick you up from your sauna pier on thenear islands if you like.

Ask more! Call +358402207868 or send e-mail You can pay with card, cash or mobile pay. Wellcome.

Kiitos viestistäsi

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