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The nearby archipelago is full of opportunities for adventure

There are places for adventure and enjoyment in the nearby archipelago of Turku. The scenery and services of Ruissalo, Hirvensalo, Kakskerta and Kaarina, Vepsä outdoor island and Parainen are all in the nearby archipelago.

Ruissalonkierto seikkailu

Ruissalon seikkailukartta

The cruise around Ruissalo takes about three hours

On the way, we can also stop at various locations, Ruissalo shipyard, Turku Pursiseura restaurant Maininki, Villa Kuuva cafe, Saaronniemi beach and cafe. Ruissalo spa also offers the possibility of swimming and dining. On the way we see Kukkariokivi. Kukkarokivi is Finland's largest clearly visible boulder located near the northwest shore of Ruissalo in Turku. It is 27 meters long and 17 meters high, rising 12 meters above sea level. It is a well-known attraction and protected as a natural monument in 1965. On the way, we see nice wooden villas and enjoy the wonderful nature. 

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