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Gift certificate

Jokitax Cruise gift card.   

The recipient of the gift card will agree on the schedule of the cruise in more detail, when and where to leave and where to go. We can e.g. leave from the Cathedral and admire the scenery of Aurajoki all the way to the harbor and back, or leave the guest boat harbor and head to Ruissalo to admire the old villas and seascapes. We can also stop at Ruissalo Telaka to get to know its rich offer. With Jokitax, you can get to know Aurajoki from a different perspective and the nearby archipelago. Tell the skipper your wishes.

The gift card is valid from 01.06.-30.008.2024. A more detailed cruise schedule can be agreed with Jokitax and the recipient of the gift card separately by calling tel. 040-2207868. You should prepare for the trip with appropriate clothing according to the weather. The cruise party can be a maximum of six breath. Your own lunch basket guarantees a successful trip. 

Jokitaxi at the guest marina - Noah's pier

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Inquire about prices and trips. Call 040-2207868 or send an email using the form below or Cards and cash are used as payment methods. Welcome.

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